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Regal academy season 1

regal academy season 1

His romantic fotos interest is LingLing in jefa season.
Ruby's power regalarle allows her reyes to navidad tidy up things.M/en/bio/cinderella persona m/en/bio/beast m/en/bio/snowwhite m/en/bio/lefrog m/en/bio/rapunzel m/en/bio/wolfram m/en/bio/beauty m/en/bio/ironfan señora "Regal Academy : The Pea Princess' Granddaughter".M/en/bio/travis m/en/bio/astoria m/en/bio/hawk m/en/bio/joy m/en/bio/vicky m/en/bio/cyrus "The Regal Parade".Gerald Ugly Duckling 13 is the grandson of the Ugly Duckling.Although Astoria's tiene ivy hair manages to tiene retrieve the mask, diseñadora the Snow Queen still manages to draw out its power to create icy dragons that cause chaos in the party.3 "La fiera della magia" "The Magic Fair" padre 30 November 2017 November 19, 2017 39 The Magic Fair is here at regalaron Regal Academy, and the most popular booth gets the highest grade.As preparations for the wedding begin, Snow White enlists Rose's help to save Hawk as the other teachers try to come up with a plan, until 6 mysterious invitations to the wedding arrive at Regal Academy."Regal Academy: The Magic Fair" Screener.?aidzap2it?aidzap2it?aidzap2it m/watch?The cursed regalo mirrors then transport them to LeFrog Swamp, but almost all regalaron of them are frozen, except Hawk, who is torn between saving diseñadora Rose and using his family shield to repel the curse.Always slow and clumsy, he does nothing to hide his nature.With help from Shawn, who turns all the masquerade ball's masks into replicas of the Beast Mask, Travis manages to invoke the power of the Beast Mask to manipulate the weather to his will, successfully defeating the Snow Queen and earning niño his grandfather's trust.Tasked by regalarle her mother to infiltrate regalarle the student body by posing as the daughter of Jack Frost, she teams compañera up with Vicky and Cyrus after they find her out.Characters and Voice Casts, main Characters, recurring Characters.Remembering how the prince said to find the heart of the Forest, the group attempt to search using Hawk's mirror self but realise that the supposed heart is actually the prince's stolen crown, just as Tatauniya confronts them.Ambrosia, remembering the kiss, decides moda to give up on her feelings fotos for Hawk, but admits that she's still a little jealous of Rose and extends a hand of friendship to her.When Earl steals the cloak in desperation and turns everyone against them, Hawk manages to protect Alisha, Shawn, Rose and Joy cumpleaños regalo with his family Mirror Shield, and with Rose's Glass Slippers and Joy's Frog Box, retrieves the cloak, winning the contest regalaron along with Shawn, who.Rose, diseñadora realising that Hawk's knack for saving princesses was cumpleaños probably to make up for being unable to save Fala, plans a rescue mission with everyone outside the Forest tomorrow, just as Red Riding Hood compañera decides to reform a team to scout out that very same.She can talk about a piece for hours and hours. Unfortunately for him and his team, the magic mirror test is scheduled that very day, and if he doesn't pass the test he will never get to use his family shield, a sacred item Hawk has been dreaming of wielding since he was a kid.

Professor Wolfram 27 is an anthropomorphic wolf who is always impeccably dressed and is well-mannered.
Doctor LeFrog regal 25 (voiced by Marc Thompson 4 in the English version, Gianni Giuliano in the Italian version) is the potions professor at the school.
Violet Ogre 18 is the Ogre's granddaughter, and has inherited the same traits of her grandfather, just with a (very slight) female touch.