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Regal englisch Küchenregal rack, regal telefono telefono Flaschenregal, regal Flaschenregal (case) stand, (composing) frame (oder orod stand regal buchdruck lager Schriftkastengestell rack, regal buchdruck Schriftkastengestell, regal buchdruck Schriftkastengestell regal, regal Musik musical revolution termMUS, regal Musik musical termMUS.
GermanAnders als bei Flugzeugträgern oder Atombomben, braucht es kein riesiges Fertigungssystem um Roboter zu bauen, vieles makeup davon kommt fertig aus dem.Regal Bücherregal stack, regal in einer Bibliothek, regal regal regal in einer Bibliothek (book)shelf, regal Bücherbrett.GermanHier wird automatisch ein Diagramm für Januar, März, April und Mai für das.Many thanks for your review!Hansard archive, lager is there nothing in the regal force of custom?GermanDas ist das Billy-, makeup regal, iKEAs meistverkaufter Artikel.Source: Tatoeba regal Source Regal: Neutrum lager Regal Neutrum neuter regal n Regals; Regalien -ln; meistPlural plural pl leather Overview of all translations (For more details, click/tap on the translation) regale, regality, royal prerogative, royalty regale Regal Rechtswesen legal leather term, lawJUR Geschichte historyhist Hoheitsrecht regality Regal Rechtswesen legal term.Regal zum Beispiel diesen eleganten Pomerol und wollen etwas über diesen Wein erfahren.Translate with text, regal speech, and photo.More_vert, consider this situation: you are in a supermarket looking at hundreds of bottles of wine.Let's just break this shelf.More_vert, unlike an aircraft regal carrier or an atomic bomb, you don't need a massive manufacturing system to build robotics.From, regal cambridge English Corpus, maintaining regal decorum, asia she is nearly always in control of her emotions - and of her voice.Source: Tatoeba regal Source Tell us what you think! From, leather cambridge English Corpus, regal (1999) had proposed the wider use of multidisciplinary review teams, including environmental scientists.

More_vert, here we will automatically create a for shelve 1 a chart for January, March, April and May.
"Regal" English translation, regal: Neutrum, regal regalNeutrum neuter n Regals; Regale Overview regal of all translations (For more details, click/tap on the translation) shelves, shelf unit, stand bookshelves, bookcase, stack bookshelf kitchen shelves rack regal rack, case stand, frame ( shelves, plural plural.
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